Investment Criteria

Craftsman Capital makes control equity investments in companies that exhibit a strong potential for growth. We realize every situation is unique, however, our typical investments include the following:



Business Description

  •  Company size: $1M-$5M EBITDA
  •  Transaction size: $5M-$50M
  •  Investment size: $5M, with the ability to stretch to $10M
  •  Revenues less than $100M with a diverse customer base
  •  A founder and/or key managers in place that we can help support and grow the business
  •  Definable growth or value creating operational opportunities
  •  Based in Texas or surrounding states
  •  Complex and Special Situations


  • Energy Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Oriented Businesses
  • Value-Add Distributors
  • Consumer Products
  • Multi-Unit
  • Healthcare and Education Services
  • IT

Transaction Types

  •  Family Successions
  •  Management Buyouts
  •  Growth Capital
  •  Control Re-capitalizations
  •  Corporate Divestures
  •  Complex and Special Situations



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